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Models of mobile phones with new features and capabilities appear on the market, on average, every quarter. We tried to find out the extent of the average user of mobile phones uses everyday advertised features novelties and conducted in Moscow the quantitative study on use of mobile phones functions. The sample was 600 respondents on the base of stop interview in shopping centers.


The most popular brand of mobile in Moscow is Nokia. This brand more preferred by men than by women.

The vast majority of respondents use mobile phone for calls and SMS, regardless of type phone they have - smart phone, communicator, or PDA.

Most of the owners of mobile phones in Moscow do not enjoy by new features such as MMS, Wi-Fi, viewing and editing files, voicemail and mobile assistant.

The higher incomes of respondents, than better they informed on functions of mobile phones.

Sergey Yakovlev  business manager Consumer&Online. Microsoft Russia"With the assistance of Ri-Vita team, department Consumer&Online of Russian Microsoft representation in Russia confidently finished the preparation to one of key events in corporation life Mid Year Review. From Ri-Vita site the project was supervised by Egor Brus, who has rendered the invaluable help in processing and representation of enormous volume of the quantitative and qualitative information. His high professional qualities focused on results and ability to work in a strict time frame allowed to finish the project successfully. I would like to gratitude of Egor for his patient and honest work and I wish company Ri-Vita further professional successes. ". - Sergey Yakovlev business manager Consumer&Online. Microsoft Russia

Sergey Tokarenko, the head of analytical group, Beliy Veter TSIFROVOI company"The main objective of Beliy Veter TSIFROVOY company is the satisfaction of customers. In order to meet the high standards of quality and consistency of service, we regularly conduct research on the perception of the brand, evaluation of the quality of the service and level of satisfaction with our stores, using the method of mystery shopping. We chose RI-VITA Consulting, as a partner in the implementation of all these projects and this company perfectly met this goal and gave us quick and reliable evaluation of service quality and sales process, as in our stores, and competitors shops. We can recommend RI-VITA Consulting company to all who appreciates professionalism, efficiency and quality of work". - Sergey Tokarenko, the head of analytical group, "Beliy Veter TSIFROVOI" company

 Mauricio Ulargui, Academic Director, Microsoft Corporation
"I'm very pleased with the support that RI-VITA provided to me developing the EMEA Academic Survey. RI-VITA members were always available, with fast response and very supportive to all our needs. You know well your business so I felt I was in good hands having RI-VITA managing all the data collection and analysis, you putted in place very professional tools and systems that delivered a very professional tools andsystems that delivered a very high quality outcome". - Mauricio Ulargui, Academic Director, Microsoft Corporation 

Olesja Serebryakova, Head of Marketing Departament, Russian Tea Company

"We take your report as a reference book"  - Olesja Serebryakova, Head of Marketing Departament. "Recommendations on the basis of studies conducted by you, help us to develop a promotional strategy for the next year and to identify priorities in information channels" -  Andrei V. Popov, the Director-General Russian Tea Company.  

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